The Foreign Country of Dating

Pete had been gone for about a year when my friends and family delicately started asking if I was dating again. I was about as interested in dating as being set on fire. Before my marriage, I considered sex my primary language. I never questioned my desire –or ability — to find a way to do that dance with some … Read More

CEO of Pleasure

I met a man I liked. Sitting across the table from him, a surprising, pre-marital version of me surfaced in tact and ready for action. I was radiant, relaxed, turned on. After our first date, we voted this man in as CEO of Pleasure. After our second date, we decided not to see each other again. This left an open position at the … Read More

You will be tested

I took three years to heal from my marriage. I did not date or hook up. One unexpected kiss arrived in the way that a tree falls through a roof. I repaired the roof and moved on. I dove deep into healing the patterns that created unhappiness in my marriage. It seemed like a matter of life and death for … Read More

Lean Into the Kiss

He kisses me. It has been one year, one month and three days since I have been kissed — following a marriage in which I was told my body was not worthy of touch, and my emotions were too, well, emotional to warrant attention. We are colleagues who happen to be stepping out into the night from a holiday work … Read More