The Coparent Cure E-course

Move from conflict to collaboration—so the whole family thrives!

What if you could find a new way to coparent with your ex that heals you, instead of harming you?  And what if curing your coparent dynamic was entirely in your hands?

Here’s the truth: You don’t need a great—or even cooperative—coparent to cultivate a peaceful collaboration with them. You can change your coparent dynamic by changing yourself – no matter who your coparent is or what happened in your marriage.

In the Coparent Cure E-course, we’ll spend 21 days (the time it takes to start a new habit) gaining the tools, strategies, and attitudes that can transform coparenting from your kryptonite into your superpower.

Together, we’ll make the crossing from heartbreak to Happily Ever After 2.0.

You’ve got this! (And I’ve got you!)

(This is our little family of origin—my son, my coparent, and me—at my book launch in 2016.)

If I can do it, so can you!

When my marriage ended, my son was two years old. His transitions between two homes required an enormous amount of communication and coordination between two very unhappy parents.

I felt doomed to continue the cycle of disappointment, rage, and blame that had plagued my marriage in the ever-after of divorce. I didn’t believe that powerful or productive collaboration could be possible with my coparent.

Boy, was I wrong.

Eventually, I tired of being miserable and I set out to find a better way forward with my coparent. As an author of four books, a seasoned life coach, and the founder (since 1997) of a thriving marketing communications firm, I started working with the tools I had available to me. I shaped new attitudes, practices, and stories that helped me release my pain, reclaim my power, and cultivate what I now call Happily Ever After 2.0.

Today, I consider my coparent, his wife, and their new daughter to be my family. Our son moves happily between two happy homes. And we all share special occasions and even family vacations. I did not end up with the nuclear family I once dreamed of. But I have co-created a family I am proud to be a part of—one that brings me real joy and satisfaction.

(Here we all are on the day that our son graduated from second grade.)

Whatever you may be facing in your own divorce journey, I believe you can move from heartbreak to happiness, too. And I believe being at peace with your coparent is key to this transformation.

Together, we will reboot your coparent dynamic

Here’s how it’s all going to go down in the Coparent Cure E-course. In just three weeks (the time it takes to start a new habit), you’ll gain a foundation of strategies, scripts, attitudes, and action plans to transform coparenting from your kryptonite to your superpower.

The journey begins with re-centering you in your authority and truth. Together, we will:

  • Reinvest in your wellbeing
  • Release the past + reclaim your power
  • Get clear about what you want and value (for yourself, and your family)

Then, together we will practice the key principles of radical relating:

  • Set communication boundaries
  • Make radical requests and responses (to get more of what you want)
  • Move from breakdown to breakthrough

Every weekday, you’ll get an informative and inspiring lesson (designed to be digestible for a busy single parent), along with an invitation to take a small but potent action.

Throughout the entire journey, you’ll be in a safe community of peers moderated by me. In our private and secure online classroom space, you can give and receive encouragement, ask questions, and share your discoveries along the way.


Praise from past clients

I would not be where I am today

“I would not be where I am today in my own divorce recovery if it wasn’t for Sage walking alongside and blazing the trail via her writing and practicing. Witnessing Sage’s courage through her own divorce and her fierce determination to not get stuck in the story of blame and victim helped me so much. I am grateful for her willingness to grieve openly and to be open to grace—to write about it, and to share it. Radical is right!”Zia S

Not just get through it—GROW through it

“Sage is a guide for how to get through the really hard stuff. Not just get through it—GROW through it. And not just grow yourself—grow a child, a family, and a new story.”Karen W

Now I find OPPORTUNITY in every challenge

“My daughter was 2.5 when her dad and I separated. Now she’s 16. Though I have a great deal of co-parenting experience now, I still get triggered, frustrated, disappointed. Sage is an invaluable sounding board. I love her thoughtful insights and the way she invites me to look at tough situations through different angles—all with workability in mind. Now I can do more than “get through” the inevitable stumbling blocks. With Sage and Radical Divorce, I spend less time in upset and can find opportunity in every challenge.”Pamela K

Join me for the Coparent Cure E-course!

Coparent Cure E-course begins on January 1, 2018!

January is considered by many to be “divorce month” because a high percentage of marriages end under the scrutiny of what to let go and what to take forward in the New Year.

Let’s give January a new dimension by making it our “divorce transformation month”.

Let’s take 2018 by the reins and steer it toward the greater good of our magnificent selves and families!

Coparent Cure E-course costs $199

For the cost of a single therapy session, you’ll get three weeks of daily support, tools, strategies, and scripts that equip and inspire you to cultivate a coparent dynamic that heals you and your family. Plus, you have a community of peers to connect with and learn from. And I’ll be with you each step of the way!

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