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Divorce is a powerful threshold. As we cross over from partnered to single, we leave a way of life and an identity behind—and often so much more.

I believe these losses give us an unprecedented opportunity. To know ourselves more authentically. To heal ourselves more deeply. When my marriage ended, I leaned into the pain and used it to learn, grow, and reconstruct my sense of self and family. You can, too.

Radical Divorce gives you a vast library of tools, strategies, and insights for living your best life. I’m so glad you’re here! Let’s make divorce your launchpad for Happily Ever After 2.0.

6 Sacred Practices of Radical Divorce

  • Connector.

    Make your kids' well-being your North Star

    Finding a positive and peaceful way through divorce is the best investment you can make in your kids’ future—and your own.

  • Connector.

    Move from complaint to desire

    Everything you don’t want holds the key to what you DO want. Start there.

  • Connector.

    Say "Thank you" (and mean it)

    Gratitude is the path to resilience. It sustains a spirit of collaboration. And it keeps us focused on all that’s going right. This makes more room for more things to go right.

  • Connector.

    Choose happiness

    Blame keeps you stuck. Self-responsibility sets you free. No one can make or take your happiness but you.

  • Connector.

    Use what hurts you to heal you

    You can get through it or grow through it. When you focus on evolving, what hurt you can also help heal you. That makes everything you go through “worth it”.

  • Connector.

    Tell the stories that move you forward

    We don’t live in our lives. We live in the stories we tell about our lives. Do you want to be victim or victor? Tell the story that takes you there.

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