New from Sage Cohen: Fierce on the Page

I believe writing well can be a path toward living well.
I wrote this book to show you how.

The way we do anything is the way we do everything. This can be confronting, but also empowering. When we take on any part of our lives, we have the potential to improve all of it.

In my life, writing well has been a path to living well—and divorcing well. I wrote Fierce on the Page to make this path available to anyone who wants to walk (and write) it.

Fierce on the Page by Sage Cohen

In this collection of personal, practical, and provocative essays from Writer’s Digest Books, I propose that ferocity is your best compass for finding your true way forward. And I offer strategies and practices designed to inspire and equip you to:

  • Unleash your creativity
  • Cultivate your strengths
  • Overcome resistance, fear, and other obstacles
  • Define success on your own terms
  • Move intentionally toward your goals
  • Become unstoppable in your evolution

I believe writing can be your magic carpet ride through just about anything. It can help you transform your greatest heartbreaks into your greatest opportunities to grow and heal, so everyone in your family can thrive.

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Sage Cohen’s Fierce on the Page is a practical, soulful, and brilliant new book that will help you cultivate strengths, transform practices, and create the life and the work you desire. This book is brimming with keys that are essential for every writer and will empower you to experience new paradigms of productivity, sufficiency, and fulfillment.
— Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money

Your writing life will not only be changed, but your inner ear will feel what momentum for life in general is supposed to feel like viscerally, a startling mix of discipline, gratitude, and playful daring.
— Rev. Mantu Joshi, author of The Resilient Parent: Everyday Wisdom for Life with Your Exceptional Child

This book has made me re-evaluate so much about my life, my attitude, my relationships, the way I parent, and so much more. Sage has a phenomenal perspective and is a master at shining a light on what has been hiding in plain sight.
— Michelle Ehrhard, Editor and Proofreader

The feeling I get from Fierce on the Page is having coffee with a brilliant writer who has so much wisdom to share. It is such a luscious conversation! And, Sage is inspiring me to become more fierce!
— Carolyn Martin, author of The Way a Woman Knows

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