You Will Find Your Way

Whatever it is you fear you cannot do that needs doing, you will find a way to do. Maybe you will find someone else to help you do it. Or, perhaps you will find that it didn’t actually need doing after all. One way or another, you will climb or penetrate or blow up the impossible obstacle you are facing right now. You will hate it, and you may hate him for the fact that you have to deal with this — alone. And then, you will find a way, your way, forward.

And when that thing that you got done is behind you, along with several more impossibilities that became possible through your creativity and stamina, and surprising resourcefulness, you will catch your eyes in the mirror one day. This time, you won’t be studying your face for signs of exhaustion and age as you typically do. Instead, you will see the woman inside those eyes whose power is your wisdom, whose beauty is your grace. You will see yourself the way you always wanted to be seen, appreciate yourself for the enormity of who you are. You will hold that woman’s gaze. You will understand that you are complete.

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