Until One Day

When the heart is not yet ready, you can send the body in first. Make it strong. Let it be soft. Give it sleep and baths and forest. Let your heart be a passenger in this strange chariot, this powerful vessel you are becoming. Your circuitry of joy will stir from its slumber in its own time. Until one day, simple as breath, you open.

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2 Comments on “Until One Day”

  1. So, do I have to get divorced to join your program?? Ha ha.
    Love you to death and all the lemonade you make with the lemons tossed upon your path. You go girl!! As you age, you become more Sage. xoxoxo

    1. Tina, Delighted to have the happily-marrieds along for the ride! Tell us your secrets, would you? : ) Thanks for your support and encouragement! xoxo

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