Radical Divorce: The Class

Redefine your identity, reinvent your family, and reclaim happiness.

Radical Divorce: The Class is a six-week online journey for parents seeking transformation through divorce. It helps you explore how divorce can be a powerful spiritual path that offers  exactly what you need to become more authentic, powerful and whole.

Together, we will source hope, happiness and healing from our most broken places. This doesn’t mean that we won’t grieve our heartbreaks or mourn our losses—only that we will commit to making them worth it.

How do we do this? By intentionally rebuilding ourselves, our lives and our families. By telling stories of truth and hope and forgiveness. By blessing the last life as it leaves us, cherishing the wisdom we have earned and using it to move forward in peace and love.

I’m building the Radical Divorce class now, and I can’t wait to offer it to you! Think you might want to participate? Tell me how to reach you, and I’ll let you know when registration opens.