You are not alone

I was at a weekend self-development workshop, seated at a dinner table with five other people, a few of whom had known me well for many years. When it was my turn to share my goals for the workshop, I declared that I was committed to discovering new ways to connect, collaborate, and feel less alone. Gavin (read on)

CEO of Pleasure

I met a man I liked. Sitting across the table from him, a surprising, pre-marital version of me surfaced in tact and ready for action. I was radiant, relaxed, turned on. After our first date, we voted this man in as CEO of Pleasure. After our second date, we decided not to see each other again. This left (read on)

A Look Under the Hood of Conscious Uncoupling

For the first time in my life, a “royal couple” of the media industry is separating in a way that appears to be truly newsworthy: with a conscious commitment to their children and each other at their epicenter. This is what every divorcing parent is striving for ultimately, isn’t it? Peace with their ex. And the ability to co-create a (read on)

Getting Divorced to Save our Family

I was 15, attending a family friend’s bar mitzvah in suburban New Jersey where I lived. There was a couple there about my parents’ age who were behaving in a way that I had never seen grown-ups behave. They looked happy, sexy, in love. My mother and I were on the dance floor in a (read on)

Because He Asked me To

In the dream, I said yes to the man who asked me to marry him. I had just signed my divorce papers, and somehow this man appeared. I did not know him well or find him attractive or have much to say to him. But he asked me to marry him, and somehow I felt (read on)