Interview: Christi Krug

Christi Krug is one of my angels. A writer, teacher and friend of epic depth and grace, Christi’s potent insight about the human experience and the divine has given me hope and courage over the years. And seeing Christi thriving on the other side of her own divorce precipice has always been a beacon for me. I am so thrilled … Read More

Interview: Carolee Bennett

Carolee Bennett is a poet and artist whose work and spirit I have been admiring from across the country for many years now. She exudes life force, passion and wisdom. And she’s hilarious. That’s a lot to pack into one life. I am honored that she was willing to share her perspective on divorce with us here. A pre-interview note … Read More

Interview: Samantha Ducloux Waltz

I have been admiring Samantha Ducloux Waltz’s fine writing and life wisdom since we read together from our work in A CUP OF COMFORT FOR WRITERS nearly a decade ago. Here she generously shared insights about her divorce experience with us. How did you know your marriage was over? When I was teaching at Sunset High School I was sent to … Read More